Discontinued – ESCORT Passport 9500ci

best radar detector escort passport 9500ci

Escort Passport 9500ci


Replaced with new Escort MAX Ci and MAX Ci 360

ESCORT Passport 9500ci is the best radar detector on the market! It is the ultimate balance of long-range performance, intelligent signal processing, simple intuitive controls, and the best overall driving experience ever developed. The Passport 9500ci ESCORT radar detector is completely undetectable to all radar detector detectors, keeping you unseen and unnoticed. Ultimate custom-installed radar with all new Laser ShifterPro sensors. So if you are looking for the best radar detector, look no further!



Breakthrough Best Radar Detector Performance

PASSPORT’s twin-antenna design sets a new standard for long-range protection. This patented design is completely undetectable, making it the perfect choice for those who like to run unnoticed. All North American radar bands are covered, including “POP” radar.

Discreet Installation

The PASSPORT 9500ci with all-new ShifterPro sensors provides the ultimate in discreet operation. Included sensors are mounted in the front grill area of your vehicle (rear shifters optional). Interior control module and display are separated for multiple installation options. The result is no messy cords and no unwanted attention.

Variable Speed ESCORT Radar Detector Performance

PASSPORT’s AutoSensitivity mode varies radar sensitivity based on your vehicle’s speed. The result is radar performance when needed most.

Laser Protection Like No Other

ESCORT’s all-new laser Shifters provide 360-degree protection (with optional rear shifters), including the latest double-pulse laser guns. Multiple sensors positioned front or rear can be programmed to Shift for maximum protection. Shifting may not be legal in your area. Check local laws before activating.


Display and control module, interface, GPS antenna, front radar receiver, bridgebox, front radar receiver/shifters, amplified speakers, and hidden bi-color display. Pictures provided below.

ESCORT Radar Detector: Passport 9500ci Specs

Operating Bands

  • X-band 10.525 GHz ± 25 MHz
  • K-band 24.150 GHz ± 100 MHz
  • Ka-band 34.700 GHz ± 1300 MHz
  • Laser 904nm, 33 MHz Bandwidth (Optional Laser Shifting)

Radar Receiver/Detector Type

  • Dual LNA Microwave Receiver
  • Superheterodyne, Varactor-Tuned VCO
  • Scanning Frequency Discriminator
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Programmable Features

  • Power-On Indication
  • Signal Strength Meter
  • AutoMute (On / Off)
  • Voice (On / Off)
  • Units (English / Metric)
  • Radar / Laser Bands
  • Highway
  • Auto
  • AutoNoX

Laser Detection

  • Quantum Limited Video Receiver
  • Multiple Laser Shifters

Display Type

  • 280 LED Matrix / Text
  • SpeedAlert™
  • Bar Graph
  • ExpertMeter™
  • SpecDisplay™
  • 5 Brightness Levels, including Full Dark


  • Display: 1.950 x 0.666 x 0.627
  • Control: 1.950 x 0.425 x 0.650
  • Radar Receiver: 3.680 x 4.120 x 1.200
  • Front Shifters: 3.160 x 0.890 x 0.600
  • GPS: 1.952 x 2.699 x 2.940
  • Interface: 2.850 x 0.810 x 2.940
  • Speaker: 2.250 x 2.116 x 2.250

Additional  Features

  • Auto calibration circuitry
  • Mute / automute / smartmute
  • Completely undetectable to all radar detector detectors
  • Automatic and user selectable sensitivity control
  • Power requirement:  12VDC, Negative Ground

Some of our 9500ci system installs

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