Discontinued – Escort Laser ShifterPro

Discontinued – ESCORT Laser ShifterPro is the most advanced laser defense system.


Speed of Light Protection

The Laser ShifterPro is the most advanced laser defense system available to protect you from unwanted tickets. ShifterPro incorporates true laser diodes to maximize its effectiveness against targeting laser guns. Plus, as new laser ticketing technology is developed, the ShifterPro software is now upgradable using our exclusive Shifter Tools.

Discreet Installation

The PASSPORT ShifterPro sensors provides the ultimate in discreet operation. Included sensors are mounted in the front grill area of your vehicle (rear shifters optional). The result is no messy cords and no unwanted attention.

Laser Transceivers

High performance laser-based “Shifting” transceivers provide the ultimate protection against targeting laser guns. Our highly sensitive receiver is constantly scanning for targeting laser guns. Once a threat is detected, our true laser optic design confuses the targeting laser gun within milliseconds, allowing you to check and adjust your speed as needed.

Software Upgradeable

Our exclusive ShifterPro Tool software allows the Laser ShifterPro to be updated so you’re always up-to-date against the latest laser gun threats. Download cable not included.

Simple and Informative Alerts

Laser ShifterPro provides both audible and visual alerts. The built-in speaker provides a warning tone once a signal is detected, while the power on/off LED flashes to let you know that it has detected a signal and is transmitting.

ESCORT Radar Detector: Passport 9500ci Specs

Operating Wavelength

  • 905nm


  • Control Unit: 3.93 x 0.98 x 2.0
  • Shifters: 3.16 x 0.60 x 0.89


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