Escort Max3

The ESCORT MAX 3 levels up your driving game as the next evolution in connected driver alert systems. Be prepared and more informed for anything on the road ahead with premium range and advanced filtering.

Complement Waze or other navigation apps with our exclusive driver community, giving you access to real-time shared alerts from other vehicles and drivers.


Escort Driver Community

With the MAX 3 paired with the power of ESCORT Live and your favorite navigation app, you’ll have the ultimate in driver protection. Our exclusive driving community allows drivers to share and receive real-time alerts through the app or when any ESCORT detector senses a threat.

Escort Radar Detector Max3 Specs

Operating Bands

  • X-band
  • K-band
  • Ka-band
  • Laser

Radar Receiver/Detector Type

  • Superheterodyne, Synthesized Varactor-Tuned VCO

User Preferences

  • User Mode: Advanced / Novice
  • Pilot: Scanning Bar / Full Word
  • Display Color: Blue/Green/Red/Amber
  • Speed Display: On / Off
  • Cruise Alert: Off / 20 – 160 mph
  • Over Speed: Off / 20 – 160 mph
  • Meter Mode: Standard/Spec/Expert/Simple
  • Tones: Standard / Mild
  • AutoMute: Low / Med / High / Off
  • AutoLearn: On / Off
  • Units: English / Metric
  • Language: English / Spanish
  • Voice: On / Off
  • GPS Filter: On / Off
  • Auto Power: Off / 1-8 Hours
  • Bands: X/K/KN1-KN4/MultaRadar CD/MultaRadar CT/Ka/KaN1-KaN9/Ka-POP/Laser/TSR/RDR
  • K Notch: On / Off
  • Markers: Other/RedLight/RedLight & Speed Cam/Speed Cam/Speed Trap/Air Patrol
  • Clear Locations: Marked/Lockouts/Defender/Format
  • Interface: Mode 1 / Mode 2

Laser Detection

  • Quantum Limited Video Receiver

Display Type

  • Graphic Multi-Color OLED
  • Bar Graph
  • 5 Levels of Brightness with Full Dark Mode

Sensitivity Control

  • Highway, Auto, Auto No X and Auto Lo K

Power Requirement

  • 12VDC, Negative Ground
  • ESCORT SmartCord® Included

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