Window Tinting

Auto Styles has specialized in window tinting since 1996. We have highly skilled technicians and state of the art computerized cutting software to prevent vehicle damage. We also offer residential and commercial window tinting with free estimates. All of our automotive window films offer a nationwide manufacturer’s warranty. Our films have superior solar performance, including heat and UV rejection as well as glare protection while maintaining an exceptional optical clarity. We offer a variety of colors and shades that match factory tint and enhance the look of any vehicle.


Auto enthusiasts agree that our films are the most stylish films on the market. But you don’t have to sacrifice style and appearance to protect yourself and your investment. That’s why we offer:

  • Color-stable film that never turns purple
  • Absolutely no unsightly bubbling or peeling
  • A wide selection of color tints and shade choices
  • Compatibility with factory tints
  • Durable scratch-resistant surfaces
  • Added privacy for you and your valuables
  • A noticeable decrease in glare — as much as 87%

We offer two quality brands of window tinting films –  Madico®  & SunTek 

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Residential & Commercial Window Tinting

There is an incredible and surprising array of benefits our window films provide to any building, whether it’s the largest skyscraper in your city, or the smallest home on your street.

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Safety & Security

Safety and security window tinting helps to reduce the risk of personal injury, property damage and loss caused by natural disaster and crime. Available in a wide range of tints, styles and grades, our films are specially designed to deter everything from the high winds of storms to the costly eyesore of graffiti. We invite you to explore the various solutions available to protect your home or office building.

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