Escort Radar Detector

Why ESCORT Radar Detector?

ESCORT radar detector is considered the best radar detector on the market for many reasons. Not only are they the technology

and performance leader, but they have won more radar detector awards and tests than all of ESCORT radar detector competitors combined! As an authorized dealer, Auto Styles offers a wide range or ESCORT radar detector products to choose from and top-notch installation by professionals with many years experience.

ESCORT Radar Detector Products

Escort MAX Ci 360

Escort MAX Ci

MAX 360c

MAX 360

Escort IX

RedLine EX

Escort X80

Solo S4

Escort ZR5 Shifter Pack

Reasons Why You Should Consider an ESCORT Radar Detector

  • Technology and performance leader.
  • Winner of more detector awards and tests than all radar detector competitors combined!
  • 65% of detection protection patents belong to ESCORT.
  • More than 35-years of designing and engineering radar detectors.
  • Only detectors to feature AutoLearn technology – eliminates false alerts that plague all competitor detectors.
  • The award-winning ‘social network for the road’ ESCORTLive! App lets you see what everyone else in the Escort community sees.
  • Defender Database technology alerts you in advance to red light and speed camera locations.
  • World’s only all-digital detectors with true Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to alert to real threats faster and more accurately.



Escort radar detector live appESCORT LIVE! APP

The award-winning ESCORT Live radar detector app gives you the most advanced real-time ticket protection on the road. You and your fellow drivers instantly communicate all radar/laser encounters automatically, providing you with the most up-to-date and accurate protection possible. Imagine thousands of other drivers helping you Drive Smarter. Plus, with alerts for known red light and speed cameras, this is the cutting edge of ticket protection. There’s no reason to drive without it.


 Know if your legal in your state

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Max Ci 360 (installed)Max Ci (installed)Max 360(c)Escort IX(c)Redline EXEscort X80Solo S4ZR5 Shifter PackM1 Dash CamHardwire InstallationBlendmount (Mirror Mount)




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