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Kenwood Excelon Mobile Audio – Audio Excellence Wherever the Road Leads

Kenwood Excelon mobile audio components are our most advanced series of products. Customize your car with Kenwood Excelon high-fidelity components that are engineered to transcend the many nuances of the automobile listening environment. No matter what you drive, Excelon can deliver the kind of uncompromising sonic fidelity that true audiophiles demand.

Where You Purchase Your Product Matters.

Auto Styles is a selected and approved Kenwood Excelon dealer by Kenwood, and because your unit is sold through the Kenwood network of highly trained Authorized Dealers, Auto Styles can stand behind it with an unmatched 2-year limited product warranty from Kenwood.

What is Excelon?

The Excelon mobile audio system is an advanced array of precisely matched components that work together to faithfully reproduce your music as it was intended to be heard. With versatile system building features, precise sound tuning controls, and sleek aesthetic design, it offers audiophiles a thoroughly gratifying car stereo experience.


Excelon receivers are the ideal foundation for a great audio system. For starters, they employ high-quality D to A converters to maximize musical accuracy from USB sources, even when connected to portable devices. In addition, Kenwood uses the latest Bluetooth® audio technology to provide the best audio experience whether on a phone call or listening to your favorite song. And with 4-volt pre-amp outputs, our receivers deliver a strong optimized signal to the amplifiers.

Like veteran players, Excelon Receivers are highly adaptable. They all feature built-in crossover networks that function both on the speaker level outputs, as well as the high-voltage pre-outs. This allows for a highly flexible system design. Front, rear and subwoofer pre-outs are standard on all Excelon receivers.

Advanced Excelon CD receivers are endlessly accommodating. Equipped with precision graphic equalizers, advanced crossovers and digital sound processors, these receivers can be tuned to suit nearly any sonic taste and listener position.

Almost as pleasing to the eyes as the ears, Excelon receivers offer a sharp, gloss black finish set off with bright trim. It presents a classic and refined look that is sure to complement any dashboard.


You could say Excelon amplifiers are gifted performers. They incorporate Hybrid Digital Amplification that includes a Low Distortion Output Stage. High-quality construction ensures that the audio is accurate and linear across all temperature ranges. From the lowest bass notes to the highest cymbals, the output sounds the way it should: like the original live performance.

Amplifiers are key to creating the ultimate audio experience. These powerful amplifiers are built in a variety of configurations: Mono for subwoofers, 2-channel full range, 4-channel and 5-channel, offering nearly endless system design options. A 4-channel amplifier that can be bi-amped to a set of separate components delivers the best sound quality and adjustability.

Versatility is the key to optimum tuning. With selectable crossover points for both high- and low-pass filters, along with gain adjustments, these amplifiers allow the signal to be matched to each and every speaker.

Elegant design can also be seen in our amplifier line, with brushed black aluminum finishes and narrow, easy to install chassis. Even the inside of the amplifiers are thoughtfully engineered, with all heat-producing components strategically arranged for maximum heat dispersing efficiency.


From many sources, singular quality. eXcelon receivers are designed to support a wide variety of sources and formats. The many types include USB (and USB’s various compressed formats), Bluetooth® streaming, satellite radio, broadcast radio in analog and HD format, smartphone apps, AV inputs, CD and DVD. And regardless of source, the signal is processed for optimum sound quality.

The receiver is where great audio fidelity begins. Excelon receivers boast advanced built-in crossovers and accept a wide variety of input sources. These sources are then processed for optimum sound quality and sent to the high output front, rear and subwoofer pre-outs. This strong signal has a high signal-to-noise ratio that’s precisely matched to the amplifiers.

Tune it to your taste. Excelon receivers offer precision adjustment of virtually all aspects of the audio signal. Adjustability includes separate crossovers that separate frequencies for front and rear channels optimizing sound quality. Some models also feature advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) with individual time alignment for fine-tuning, or offer a simple automatic setup based on vehicle size.

Maintaining aesthetic integrity, Excelon receivers feature a high gloss black finish and easy to recognize icons. The intelligently integrated, and fully customizable swipe menu icons, give you clear and simple control of the receiver’s many sources and functions. Even the button colors can be changed to match dash lighting schemes, so the receiver looks like it was made for your car — which it was.


Speakers may be the most important piece of the sound quality puzzle. Excelon speakers employ oversized drivers to enhance low-end range and large tweeters that improve mid- to high-range transitions — ideal for clear and dynamic vocals. Oversized woofers provide quick response and offer stable and powerful bass that remains true to the original recording.

Specially designed for one car: Yours. The automotive listening environment is filled with acoustic challenges, so we build our speakers in a wide range of configurations and sizes. From two-way full range speakers to advanced thin-mount subwoofers, all Excelon components are designed to perform in sonic harmony with Excelon amplifiers.

Many listeners are particularly sensitive to the high-end of the sonic spectrum. That’s why our XR component speakers offer tweeter attenuation to ensure that the output never sounds too bright.

Enjoy the sound of experience. Kenwood eXcelon speakers are the culmination of decades of speaker refinement. From efficient airflow to advanced composite speaker materials, no detail is overlooked in our pursuit of uncompromising musical integrity.