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Katzkin Automotive Leather

What’s Katzkin?

Katzkin is the leader in custom automotive leather, delivering tailor-made, custom-fit interiors for virtually all non-luxury vehicles.

How Do I buy It?

You can buy it right here at Auto Styles. Get started by speaking with one of our Auto Upholstery Specialists, or you can get started right now online by using the Designer Selector tool to begin discovering the possibilities for you vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Katzkin Offer Leather interiors for all cars and trucks?

The Katzkin product line is comprehensive and is constantly expanding. They offer over 2,500 vehicle applications for virtually all mid-market vehicles on the road today. Unfortunately, they do not make interiors for luxury vehicles that come with leather from the factory. If you do not see what you need, just give us a call at 727 – 434 – 2277, and we can help you find it.

How Does the Quality of a Katzkin Leather Interior Compare to a Factory-Installed Leather Interior?

Katzkin leather interiors are produced from the finest imported automotive leathers and are specifically engineered to meet or exceed factory performance specifications. The quality and craftsmanship is tested and trusted by Chrysler for their entire family of vehicles (Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, RAM and Fiat) as well as the Ford Motor Company.

Is This Product a Seat Cover I can Install Myself?

No, these are not seat covers. This is a complete interior transformation. As a Katzkin authorized professional installer, Auto Styles will remove all of the cloth from the seats and replace it with a new leather interior, complete with door panels and console covering (depending upon the vehicle). A good rule of thumb: if it has cloth on it, we will replace that cloth with leather.

Is Katzkin Covered With a Warranty?

Yes. Every Katzkin leather-trimmed interior is backed by a 3 year/36,000 mile national warranty.

How Long Does It Take To Get Leather Installed?

Auto Styles can generally install your new interior in 2 days or less.

Will Leather Affect My Airbag and OCS Systems?

We perform a detailed inspection of each seat and our interiors are designed to maintain the integrity of the original airbag and OCS systems. We also perform ongoing safety testing using OEM factory specifications to ensure we continue to meet all factory requirements.

Will Leather Add Value To My Car?

If given a choice, most consumers prefer leather. Leather not only provides visual appeal and comfort, but also has tremendous practical value due to ease of clean up and maintenance.

Why Can’t I Order My Interior Online?

In order to determine the exact seating configuration f your vehicle, Auto Styles will need to inspect your vehicle. With 100’s of colors and seat variations across dozens of makes and models, we have found that this is the only way to ensure that the right interior is manufactured and installed in your vehicle.

How Should I Care For My New Interior?

Auto Styles recommends using Lexol Leather Conditioner to care for your leather interior.

Katzkin leathers have received a protective treatment during the tanning process, which will protect the grain from the soiling and staining of everyday use.

For Spots and Spills: Blot excess liquid immediately with a clean absorbent cloth or sponge. If necessary, use clear, lukewarm water and gently wipe spill. If water is used, clean the entire area where the spill occurred. Dry with a clean towel and allow to air dry. Do not dry wet areas with heat dryers, hair dryers, etc. as this will damage the leather.

For Stubborn Spots and Stains: Use a mild solution of Ivory bar soap and clear, lukewarm water. Apply the soap to a clean wet sponge and blot the affected area. Do not apply force or pressure, as the heat and friction of rubbing will damage the leather. Rinse and allow to air dry naturally.

DO NOT USE: Any Saddle soaps, oils, abrasives, cleaners containing detergent (such as dish washing liquids), solvent-based cleaners (such as mineral spirits), varnish or ammonia water or silicone-based products as these types of cleaners will cause damage to the protective top coat of the leather and may void your warranty. Your leather has already been preserved in the tanning process and needs no maintenance other than the simple cleaning recommended.

Further Questions on Cleaning and Care: Feel free to contact us at 727-434-2277

Are Your Interiors 100% Leather?

Katzkin leather content will always meet or exceed the leather content of the original vehicle manufacturer’s factory design. We ensure the only the highest quality leather, suede and vinyl materials are used to maximize comfort, design and durability.

What Are All Of My Options For My New Leather Interior?

For the best answer on all the ways to customize your vehicle, contact us below.