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Car Window Tinting: Improve Your Automotive Style & Appearance

Do you want your car to stand out from the crowd? Whether you want your vehicle to look elegant, or head turning hot, we can make it happen with car window tinting. In fact, when you have one of our films professionally installed on your car, you not only get the look you want, you also get a high performing, durable window film. Our exclusive range of films is available in a variety of colors, tints and shades so you can choose a look for your car that complements your personality. Auto Styles is an authorized dealer of SunTek and Madico.

Enhance Style without Sacrificing Performance

Auto enthusiasts agree that our films are the most stylish films on the market. But you don’t have to sacrifice style and appearance to protect yourself and your investment. That’s why we offer:

  • Color-stable film that never turns purple
  • Absolutely no unsightly bubbling or peeling
  • A wide selection of color tints and shade choices
  • Compatibility with factory tints
  • Durable scratch-resistant surfaces
  • Added privacy for you and your valuables
  • A noticeable decrease in glare — as much as 87%

Automotive Solar Control Film

When it comes to selecting the proper window film for your vehicle, the market is vast. But you want more than options. You want the right option. Let us help you choose the film that will provide the ultimate performance. The sun’s rays can cause a car’s interior to become unbearably hot. Installing a high performance window film can reduce your car’s interior surface temperatures by as much as 29°F… creating a more comfortable ride, lessening the burden on the air conditioning system, and saving fuel.

Ultraviolet Protection

Ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause damage to a vehicle’s interior, and to human skin. Window film forms a protective barrier that blocks up to 99% of UV rays, which keeps your vehicles interior looking newer longer, and shields you and your passengers from UV exposure.


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